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"Hannah is a fabulous PR mind. She thinks ahead, comes up with things you’d never thought of, gets more done than you can imagine and just gives you the feeling she’s always got your back."
Lizzie King, Founder of Lizzie Loves Healthy
"I met Hannah last September and she has been working on PR for me pretty much since then. Sea Soul & Snow has come from such small beginnings and I truly didn’t know what the future held for the business. Then, all of a sudden magazines and journalists started to notice what I do and press coverage started to snowball. Thank you gorgeous Hannah for everything you do and for being such a lovely friend…you just get what this journey is all about! I love Sea Soul & Snow more and more every day and I’m so excited about where it’s going with you on board."
Sinead Blythin, Founder of Sea Soul & Snow
"Since Hannah has come on board the energy and direction of my business has changed for the better. She is hard working, consistent, full of ideas and energy and she is passionate about what she does and that shows with great results. I could not imagine my business without her."
Kristina Carman, Tiny Fish
"Hannah is a dream to work with. She has most certainly helped in making my brand go global."
Julie Montagu
"Hannah has been an absolute angel for our company this past year. From our very first meeting we felt that she understood our brand, our ethos and our mission and has beautifully represented us with these in mind ever since. Working with Hannah is honestly a joy, as she is not only a wonderful and bright person, but she helps inspire us, come up with great ideas on how to grow and reach a wider audience, connect with the press and collaborative partners, as well as offer advice on our direction as a brand. Hannah’s work has allowed us to focus on the day to day running of the company and offering fantastic retreats, with the knowledge and confidence that she is representing us with total care and diligence."
Natasha Moutran, Co-Founder of The Retreat Collection